Respiratory Protection

ANBE INDUSTRIAL TRADING is not only a safety harness Malaysia supplier but also offer other safety equipment including masks and hand protection. Our respiratory equipment protect your employees from inhaling harmful gases or airborne contaminants.

Safety Is A Priority

High-Quality Respirator

As a supplier of respiratory protection equipment and full body harness in Malaysia, we aim to provide a wide range of products for our customers to choose from.

3M Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6200

This respirator protects against gases, vapours and particulates. In addition, the twin filter feature evenly balances the weight, making it suitable for long wear hours.

3M Gas and Vapour Filters 6057, ABE1

These lightweight filters deter inorganic vapours and acid gases. They are colour-coded according to the EN14387 classification system to indicate the type of protection provided.

3M Particulate Respirator with Valve 8210V, N95

This disposable respirator is suitable for easy breathing with an adjustable nose clip and cushioning for a secure seal. It Includes respiratory protection against non-oil-based particles.

3M Particulate Respirator 8210, N95

This lightweight disposable N95 particulate respirator has a unique three-panel flat folding design which is collapse resistant that allows easy breathing. It is high-quality, protective and reliable.

Premium Protection

Effective Face Coverings

Inhaling harmful substances can cause various respiratory illnesses, ranging from mild irritation to serious diseases, so wearing appropriate respiratory protection is important for workers’ health and safety. In addition to providing adequate respiratory protection, it’s also important for workers to use other forms of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as hand protection and safety harnesses, especially when working in high-risk environments. ANBE INDUSTRIAL TRADING, a safety harness Malaysia supplier, offers a range of PPE to help protect workers from various workplace hazards.

Breathe Safe

Keeping Harmful Particles At Bay

ANBE INDUSTRIAL TRADING offers top-quality respiratory protection equipment that ensures workers’ safety and health. Our products meet stringent safety standards and are designed to provide maximum comfort and protection. With our full body harness Malaysia, workers can confidently work, knowing they’re protected from workplace hazards. 

Your Safety-First

Why Use Respirators?

Safe From Harmful Particles

Using face coverings to keep you safe from harmful airborne particles. We carry a wide range of masks to suit medical and industrial needs.

Extra-Preventative Layer

Face masks add a preventative layer from infections. It provides a physical barrier that prevents your mouth from coming into contact with infectious agents.

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Protection For Others

Wearing coverings protects not only the wearer but also others by preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Our top-quality products ensures safety for all.

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