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The disposable coverall is designed for the user’s comfort. A disposable coverall’s purpose is to protect individuals from chemical, physical, and biological hazards while handling hazardous substances.

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Types of Disposable Coveralls

ANBE Industrial Trading carries a wide range of disposable coverall in Malaysia. Each coverall we offer has its characteristics and is suited for different industries. The coveralls we carry in our store are ISO certified.

Multipurpose Disposable Coverall

This disposable PPE provides overall skin protection and protects your employees from chemical compounds, dust, fibres, chemicals, paints and varnishes.

Fire Retardant Coverall

These coveralls are specially designed to self-extinguish when exposed to high temperatures, reducing the likelihood of it catching fire and thus reducing the chances of injuries.

Cotton Working Jacket

They are designed to protect skin while conducting industrial work and improve visibility for employees working close to roads or moving vehicles.

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Ensuring Your Safety

Disposable coveralls are usually manufactured using lightweight and breathable materials. They are designed in such a way as to ensure that the user is able to walk and move without restriction.
The coveralls come in different varieties depending on the usage.

ISO-Certified Products

Meeting Cleanroom Requirements

The coverall is manufactured following ISO cleanroom standards for a clean, compliant disposable coverall. It is designed in such a way as to protect the user from hazardous chemicals and particles. ANBE Industrial Trading is one of the authorized disposable coverall in Malaysia suppliers.

Complete Coverage

Our Disposable Coveralls


The disposable coverall is for one-time use only; it’s considerably more hygienic. Some hazardous particles may still stick on the coveralls despite being washed.


These full-body coverage suits for various types of work can benefit general maintenance workers in industries such as landscaping, steel mills, construction, engineering, and painters.


Protective suits that have been repackaged & reconditioned are more affordable. They can be recycled and bought in bulk for less than disposable, non-recyclable coveralls.

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