Hand Protection

Latex gloves are used in a diverse range of industries. We at ANBE INDUSTRIAL TRADING carry all kinds of latex glove in Malaysia. If you are looking for a reputed and experienced latex glove supplier Malaysia, you’ve come to the right place.

Occupational Safety

Preventing Infections At Work

When working with hazardous chemicals and other materials, it is critical to wear gloves to protect our hands from infection and contamination. The hazards should be considered when choosing protective gloves.

Latex Gloves

This high-quality latex provides optimum protection against various hazards, including chemical and biohazards. It is solid and strongly resistant to punctures and tears.

Nitrile Gloves

100% Latex Free, high-durability with pathogen protection. It has high levels of chemical resistance and high puncture resistance. Suworke for tattoo shops, home sanitation and food servicing.

Super Nitrile Gloves

100% Latex Free with high resistance to solvents, oil, fats, and bleaching chemicals. It has high durability against punctures and is suitable for the service industry.

Cut Resistant Gloves

With high durability and protection, these gloves are used for industrial workers working closely with sharp objects such as knives, glass, and metal edges.

Keeping Hands Safe

Protective Barriers

Gloves play a very important role in keeping your hands safe from harsh temperatures and chemicals. As a latex glove supplier in Malaysia, Our latex glove Malaysia is available in a diverse range to supplement the healthcare industry. Whereas our nitrile glove Malaysia is more flexible and durable compared to latex gloves! Which makes them perfect for hazardous chemical handling.

Durable Accessories

Keeping You Safe At Work

Apart from latex and nitrile glove Malaysia is essential in many industries. They are not only common in healthcare but also essential in oil and gas, laboratories, and the food & beverage industry. Wearing gloves is not only keeping you safe but also others to avoid cross-contamination.


Why Use Gloves?

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Avoid Direct Contact

Using gloves to keep you safe from harmful chemicals and particles. We carry a wide range of latex gloves in Malaysia to suit medical and industrial needs.

Prevent Infections

Gloves add a preventative layer from infections. It provides a physical barrier that prevents your hands and mouth from coming into contact with infectious agents.

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Protection Against Injuries

One is almost susceptible to injuries when working in hazardous spaces. Gloves give you a layer of protection and protect your hands against any injuries.

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