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Provide Your Employees

With The Right Safety Equipment

Apart from flame retardant coveralls, DuPont also produces a diverse range of safety equipment. Provide your employees with the right safety apparels to keep them safe at work.

Antistatic Cleanroom Coverall

Designed for cleanroom environments where static electricity can endanger delicate electronic devices or equipment. Premium, low-linting materials to stop contamination from fibres and particle shedding.

ATEM 1104 Disposable Isolation Gown

Medical-grade protective garment designed to protect the wearer from infectious materials or fluids. Lightweight and breathable non-woven fabric with an open-back design. Suitable for healthcare settings.

ProShield20 ProShield20   Dupont ProShield® 20

Dupont ProShield® 20

Provides adequate protection against non-hazardous particles, light liquid splashes and aerosols. Features a hood, front zipper, Elastic cuffs and ankles, providing full body coverage and protection.

Dupont Tyvek 400D

Designed for protection against hazards like chemicals, particles and biological agents. Made with flash-spun high-density polyethylene fibres bonded to create a rigid, breathable and lightweight material.

Dupont Tychem® 4000S

Made with high-quality polyethylene-coated material. Effective protection against biological hazards, including Toxic Chemicals. Viruses and Bacteria. With a Lightweight and flexible fabric that allows comfortable movement.

Dupont Tychem® 6000

A type of chemical protective clothing that protects against hazardous chemical exposure. With a barrier film to protect against chemicals, like toxic liquids, gasses and particles.

Dupont Tychem® 2000 Coverall

This protective wear comprises biological agents, organic compounds, and inorganic acids. It provides dependable defence against splatters of liquid, tiny particles, and even pressured jets.

Dupont Tychem® 6000FR Coverall

High-performance protective garment designed to protect against chemicals and biological hazards, flames and heat. Ideal choice when there is a risk of fire or explosions.

Dupont Tychem® 10000

High-performance protective suite constructed of heavy-duty Tyvek® cloth laminated into a unique barrier film. Suitable for chemical hazards like toxic gasses, liquids and particulates.

Flame Retardant Coverall

Why Would You Need It?

The most frequent conditions that call for a specific type of fire retardant coverall protective clothing are workplaces with a risk of explosions, radiant heat, or hazards like liquid, chemicals, dust, or particles. Our products can shield the wearer from heat, fire, chemicals, electrical arcs, molten metal splashes, and welding processes with varied levels of protection depending on your needs.

DuPont Fire Retardant

Protects You From Flames

In a variety of industries, including oil & gas, mining, and manufacturing, flame retardant coveralls is crucial. Employees exposed to electric arc events, flash fires, or combustible dust explosions must wear fire retardant coverall to protect their skin from burns and reduce the risk of harm.

Why DuPont?

Flame Protection Equipment

Prevents Heat Transfer

An arc flash can be considerably diminished in effect and the wearer can be shielded from its harshest effects by preventing heat transfer.

Safe On Human Skin

Users can feel relieved to use the fire retardant coverall Malaysia because it is made entirely of safe materials for the human body.


Our fire retardant coverall Malaysia won’t make users feel weighed down. The comfort of wearing this coverall is likewise substantially greater.

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