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ANBE INDUSTRIAL TRADING is one of the most sought cleaning chemical supplier Malaysia. We carry a wide selection of cleaning chemicals for all kinds of use.

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Keep Your Surfaces Pathogen-Free

Cleaning chemicals are essential in manufacturing plants, restaurants, hospitals, and many high-human-traffic areas. As a chemical cleaning supplier, we understand the importance of keeping your floors and surfaces clear of dangerous pathogens.

All Purpose Cleaner

This detergent is ideal for general cleaning and washing on a daily basis. It can be used for a variety of general cleaning tasks.

Air Freshener With Sanitizer

This solution eliminates unpleasant odours and kills germs in air particles and various surface contact areas. Suitable for keeping the environment clean and fresh.

All Purpose Cleaner With Sanitizer

This detergent formula is ideal for daily cleaning activities and washing items with disinfecting properties. In addition, it can be used as a general cleaner.

Glass Cleaner with Sanitizer

This household cleaner is suitable for removing tough grease stains on glass surfaces or windows, keeping it streak-free and sparkling brighter than ever before.

Hand Soap with Sanitizer

This hand soap effectively removes excess dirt, oil and germs from your hands. It will keep you hygienic and clean for long hours on end.

Liquid Alcohol Sanitizer 75%

This product effectively fights against various viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeasts. It efficiently kills germs on hand and all contact surface areas. Suitable for effective disinfection.

Premium Cleaning Chemicals

Keeping Your Surface Sanitary

Cleaning with water and soap alone isn’t sufficient. A cleaning chemical ensures that your surface is cleaned thoroughly, mostly freeing it from microorganisms. As a chemical cleaning supplier we want our clients to work or live in sanitary spaces.

Our Quality Products

Comprehensive Cleaning Chemical

We, as a cleaning chemical supplier Malaysia provide a comprehensive range of cleaning chemicals. Our cleaning chemicals are used every day in homes, businesses, and public places to improve hygiene and overall quality of life. Our team strives to source the most effective cleaning chemicals in the market.

Why Choose Us

All Purpose Cleaning Chemicals

Highly Effective

Cleaning chemical products are more effective in disinfecting your industrial setting or workplace than normal water cleaning.

Increased Sanitary

When germs, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other contaminants are exposed to a low level, the risk of becoming ill is reduced.

Saving Time & Labor

Cleaning surfaces correctly the first time saves you time, allowing you to move on to more important tasks.

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