Ansell is an Australian corporation that produces industrial and medical gloves. In 1975, Ansell Malaysia Sdn Bhd was established. The Company’s business includes the production of surgical instruments and supplies.

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Applications In Various Industries

Nitrile chemical resistant gloves are typically employed in the food and oil and gas industries, but because of their longevity, they are also valuable for other industries.

Ansell AlphaTec® 37-176 Nitrile Straight Cuff

A protective glove that offers high chemical resistance and defence against industrial oils and solvents. With high-performance nitrile material that is comfortable and long-lasting.

Ansell 09-430 Scorpio Glove

Provides high protection and grip in wet and oily conditions. The neoprene and natural rubber latex material gives superior resistance against chemicals, oils and abrasions.

Ansell TouchNTuff 92-600

Disposable glove that protects against various chemicals and solvents. It has a soft and flexible nitrile material that has resistance against punctures, cuts and abrasions.

Ansell TouchNTuff® 92-600 Disposable Nitrile Glove for Chemical Splash Protection

A high-quality glove designed for chemical splash protection. Nitrile material – resistance against acids, bases and solvents. It Includes a textured finish on the fingertips for superior grip.

Ansell Alphatec 87-118 Natural Latex Rubber Glove

Made with natural latex, suitable for hand protection in chemical processing, oil and gas, and general manufacturing industries. Smooth finish for tactile sensitivity and precision handling.

Ansell EDGE 48 -705 Cut Resistant Gloves Level 5

High-quality cut-resistant gloves, excellent protection against sharp objects or tools. Excellent grip (wet/dry) with a form-fitting design allows superior dexterity and flexibility.

Ansell AlphaTec® 3000 Model 111 Coverall

Protective garment against various hazardous chemicals, particulates and biological contaminants. With a Lightweight and breathable material with a two-way front zipper and attached hood.

Ansell AlphaTec® 1500 Plus Model 111 Coverall

High-quality microporous material for protection against chemicals, including oils, greases, acids and bases. Abrasion and puncture resistant with high-durability. Suitable for hazardous working environments.

Ansell AlphaTec® 4000 Comfort Model 111 Coverall

Protective suit designed for hazardous environments such as industrial chemical settings. Made with lightweight, durable fabric that is breathable and comfortable for extended wear.

Why Nitrile Gloves

Higher-Protection With Nitrile Gloves

It is critical for workers who are exposed to hazardous chemicals and compounds to ensure that their hands are not harmed. Chemical-resistant gloves protect even the harshest detergents, greases, oils, and acids.

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Ansell is one of the country’s most well-known and trusted glove manufacturers, offering a wide range of disposable and reusable gloves suitable for various applications in the healthcare and construction industries. Ansell nitrile chemical resistant gloves are popular among individuals who work in the food and oil and gas industries. The nitrile chemical gloves provide a myriad of hand protection solutions against a wide range of hazards.

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Ansell Chemical Resistant Gloves

Versatile Use

Though nitrile chemical gloves are designed for the food & beverage and oil & gas industry, they can also be used in other industries or businesses as well.

Globally Trusted

The Ansell brand has been in the industry for over 125 years. Despite over a century, they still remain to be one of the main glove manufacturers globally.

Research and Development

They maintain their ranges to the highest and most recent standards thanks to their twelve Research and Development facilities across the world.

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