3M began as a small-scale mining venture in Northern Minnesota more than a century ago under the name Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. Their products, now a global powerhouse, improve people’s lives worldwide.

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We are not just a 3M respirator distributor Malaysia. Our store also carries a wide range of other 3M equipment to meet the requirements of many industries.

3M H310 Earmuff Peltor Over-The-Head Dual Cup, NRR30DB

A premium Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) and hearing protection product with a sturdy steel headband and plush and comfy ear cushions suitable for extended wear.

3M Particulate Respirator 8246

A reliable disposable respirator that protects against non-oil based and airborne particles that include dust while working in construction, mining and agriculture.

3M Particulate Respirator 8247, P2, With Nuisance Level Acid Gas Relief

This respirator shields users from airborne bacteria, dust, smoke, and other particulate matter, such as noxious acid gases like sulphur dioxide, chlorine, and hydrogen chloride.

3M 1623 AF Safety Goggles, Chemical Splash

Provides reliable eye protection in hazardous environments such as chemical plants and laboratories, with Anti-fogging technology and an adjustable strap to fit all face shapes.

3M 1623 AF Safety Goggles Poycarbonate Lens

High durability with an anti-fog coating to maintain clear visibility while working. With an adjustable strap and comfortable padding around the lens for long-wearing hours.

3M 10434-00000 Asian Fit Virtua Sport BLUE Clear Lens

Designed to fit Asian facial features. With excellent protection against harmful UV rays and other types of radiation. With High-durability, scratch resistant and anti-fog coating.

3M 3311K-55 Organic Vapor Cartridge With Pre-Filter

Suitable for respiratory protection against harmful organic vapour and air gases. The long-lasting cartridge is made of high-quality activated carbon that absorbs efficiently.

3M Gas And Vapor Filter, ABEK1, 6059

High-respiratory protection device against harmful gases, organic/inorganic vapours, acid gases, ammonia and other hazardous environments. Suitable for chemical manufacturing, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and more.

3M Filter Retainer 501

Designed to protect against various particulates, such as dust, mists and fumes. With high resistance to heat and impact. Suitable for harsh working environments.

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ANBE INDUSTRIAL TRADING is also an authorized 3M respirator distributor in Malaysia. We supply respirators to businesses all over Malaysia and globally. As a 3M respirator supplier in Malaysia, we provide a wide range of respiratory safety products to most industries.

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When 3M was founded in 1902, its five founders had one goal: to mine for corundum. Alternatively, they discovered anorthosite, a low-grade mineral instead of corundum. Instead of giving up, they explored new materials, applied them to new products, and gained the trust of key investors. ANBE INDUSTRIAL TRADING has been authorized to be a 3M respirator supplier in Malaysia.

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3M is known for its innovation. From the time it was established, 3M has been innovating equipment for a diverse range of industries and businesses.

High-Quality Products

The 3M name is synonymous with premium quality products. Despite operating for over a century, their products have only gotten better with time.

Global Household Name

Businesses and households around the world are sure to have at least one product manufactured by 3M. They have garnered the trust of many users globally.

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